Are you a true follower of Imam Mahdi (aj)?

Do you have what it takes?

Let’s revise for a second. We are Muslims, and followers of AhlulBayt. Those are the infallible leaders that Allah has given us. The last of these leaders is called Mahdi (The Guided). “Imam” is an Arabic work meaning the leader.

So our leader Imam Mahdi is in occultation and one day he will return. We don’t know when but we know that we will return with Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him). The day that he returns, he will have 313 main commanders and followers, and under those 313 men and women, will be millions of followers like you and me.

But are we ready to be his follower?

When Imam Mahdi (aj) returns with Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) they will restore order and justice to this world. Many among Muslims and Christians will follow them, and many will not let them bring that worldy justice. A war may happen with those minorities. This war needs people like you and me. After the victory, the Imam needs people to apoint in different locations of the world. so are you really ready for this?

I will tell you 14 characteristics of Imam Mahdi’s followers. It’s on you to check whether these exist in you or not:

  1. Avoiding all kinds of sins, and being pure and chaste
  2. Having sincerity, ethics and spirituality
  3. Being a tough person and serious when it comes to accomplishments
  4. Being sensitive toward others insulting your religion
  5. Praying in the middle of the night while others are sleeping
  6. Compassion toward others
  7. Being prepared, full of energy and bravery
  8. Having precision and insight
  9. Having knowledge
  10. Being submissive to leadership
  11. Praying immediately after the call of prayer is announced
  12. Caring about Issues regarding Muslims and politics
  13. Obeying Allah’s commands and being content
  14. Being creative

So which ones is the most important? Who can sort them by priority? and what are some ways to accomplish them?

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