Is Ayatollah Khamenei a good person? [Video]

Video Transcript:

One simple way to compare Imam Khamenei with other leaders is to ask them to expose their bank statements, their assests, how many castles do they own, how many luxuries, private beaches, and so on

Here you will see the real difference between a true leadership and those leadership only hungry for power and money.

In this regard, our Islamic leaders have proven themselves. One day the national TV asked Imam Khamenei for permission to capture some footages from his humble house. He told them: You are free to do that, but I don’t think people would really believe that!

Even his enemies have admitted that we cannot find one economic breach in his lifestyle.

And this has been the way our scholars live throughout history. Take for example Ayatullah Sistani, the second grand ayatollah which most Shias follow him. He’s been living in a rented house for 40 years! Although he receives millions of obligatory charities that Islamicly he is allowed to use some of it for himself, but he doesn’t. Instead he uses that money to build hospitals, universities, schools and spend on the needy.

For me, that defines the truthfulness or goodness of our leaders.

I have this story with only one chain, a friend of mine was present in a ceremony where Imam Khamenei was present. It came the time for dinner, so they prepared to bring food for him and the attendees. When they brought Imam Khamenei’s plate, it had rice with meat on it. He immediately told someone to call upon the cook or the one responsible for the food. My friend says in the beginning, we thought there is something in his food, but when the one responsible came, Imam Khamenei said: Take the meat away from my plate please. Until the day my people don’t have meat to eat (because of economic issues and the high prices of meat) I cannot eat meat.

His son says that our father never agrees for us to buy for him quality fruits. He always tells us bring 2nd degree quality fruit, because maybe some people don’t have money to eat quality fruits.

My last word is what the Holy Quran says about righteous people. It says: “You distinguish them from their faces”

Of course most who dislike him, have a core problem with Islam itself. For them it doesn’t matter, Khamenei or Sistani or any other scholar to be a leader. They object Islam. For these type of people, the discussion is another discussion.

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