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Why can’t most people be satisfied in their married life?

Why are divorce rates so high around the world?

When the definition of a #family is corrupted in a #society, and it is no longer important, people usually tend to stay single as much as possible. While being single, they usually have #sexual_needs that mostly come out through self-play. That self-play eventually leads to bigger things. When that becomes the trend in a society, girls tend to appear sexier outside the house in order to gain boys attention. When that happens, men tend to cheat more, therefore the percentage of cheating rises. If that happened you can say goodbye to the foundation of family.

When you want to solve a problem you have to solve its root causes. When you get one of the most important needs of yours outside a #marriage, it loses its charm. When it loses its charm, it loses its importance. You keep neglecting it, until you reach a state of emotional divorce. #Emotional_divorce leads to actual divorce.

People tend to marry for the wrong reasons. They ignore important questions when trying to find a match. Could she become a good #mother for my children? How much understanding and mature is she? How is her #ethics and #beliefs? How does she treat her mother and father?

When you marry based on wrong factors, you lack maturity. You want to get the best sex out of her when you get surprised you didn’t, and want to hear the sweetest words from her and find out being sweet all the time is not that easy, and want her to be patience and mature in dealing with problems, but you find out anger and lose of control.

On your side, coming from that girlfriend-boyfriend environment, you think the way you used to treat your girlfriends is the way you should treat your wife, and that’s the first mistake. You can’t let go of your single life and dependencies and that’s another mistake.

Also, missies who are used to have fun all the time and sleep with everyone and then just move on and are used to the easy relaxed life, can’t stand the difficulties of the marriage life. She can’t imagine herself waking up 3 AM because the baby is crying, specially if she sees you as a false choice.

People can’t be satisfied because they live in dreams, with high expectations from women and that’s the creation of your #politicians in the first place, religious leaders in the 2nd place, your culture and your society.

Muhammad Darwish

A Bahraini national, a media graduate, has a long experience in the media development of cultural institutions; He also holds a degree in the Islamic Seminary, majoring in jurisprudence and principles, and has been continuing his studies in the holy city of Qom, Iran for 10 years.

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